What are Cannabis Tinctures?

Cannabis is a class of plants often used for recreational and medicinal purposes, from a category of three plants; the Cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis indica. Different people have different names for the drugs produced from the Cannabis plants; marijuana is a popular term for them, pots and weed, too. when the leaves of cannabis are dried, they become consumable for several, medicinal uses, such as the treatment of anxiety, pain relief, for relaxation, and perhaps more popularly now, for highness, among other uses. Cannabis may be a natural product in that it comes from plants, but it can also be dangerous when consumed wrongly. The reason is the effect it has as a result of its components, CBD and THC are two out of over a hundred components of cannabis, which have been deciphered and understood so far. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) each have their effects when cannabis is consumed, but both are psychoactive, cannabis is psychoactive. You can learn more about THC and CBD on Canna Express.

Cannabis is made in different forms, although the most common form of cannabis is marijuana, otherwise known as pots or weed, and that simply cannabis is a more natural form, but dried, wrapped up, and smoked like cigarettes. There are some health benefits in smoking cannabis, but it has to be based on prescription, as an abuse of the substance can lead to negative effects. There are other forms of cannabis; there is cannabis oil and there is cannabis tincture, tincture is a kind of cannabis that has been saturated in alcohol, that is, marijuana soaked in alcohol. Both are different, the cannabis oil and the cannabis tincture, although similar. While tinctures make use of secondary carrier oils such as MCT and coconut oil to transmit the cannabis components through the bloodstream, alcohol is the cannabis tincture’s solvent and finishing ingredient; cannabis oils on the other hand have no alcohol in them.

Tinctures serve as alternatives to weed-form cannabis, but they all serve the same purpose, whether for medicinal purposes or recreational uses. With tinctures, non-smokers can get the benefits of cannabis nonetheless. What’s even amazing is that you can buy cannabis tincture online. They were very commonly used for medicinal purposes before cannabis became interdicted a century ago; in addition to that, they are the easiest form of cannabis to be used among other forms. Amazingly, they also happen to be easy to make, and you will see how to make your own cannabis tincture shortly below.

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Tinctures come in different forms because its consumers have varying needs. They can be made in an only THC or CBD form, but just as THC is the major psychoactive component of cannabis, only THC tinctures will give the psychoactive effects. Other than tinctures containing either THC or CBD, other forms exist containing both, but in different combinations. Some have more CBD than THC and vice versa, and these are easily accessible. However, there are tinctures consisting of both equally, and they are very common as well. Whatever your need, you can buy cannabis tinctures online at Canna Express

Positive Effects of THC Cannabis Tinctures

As a result of its psychoactive properties, THC tinctures have positive effects, although these effects vary based on which kind of tincture you go for, and also on the presence or absence of CBD. Some of the positive effects of THC tinctures consist of euphoric feelings, relaxation, good feelings in general sense, with Cannabis indica tinctures having the best physical relaxation effects, and Cannabis sativas tinctures having the stronger mental highness effects. These are not the only positive effects of cannabis tinctures; discover more of these effects below.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures have a number of health benefits for people who have medical conditions. People with anxiety issues, insomnia, and depression, for instance, will find THC tinctures very beneficial for the relief they bring. There are medications with side effects, and in a bid to avoid those side effects, some patients opt for tinctures while some people want the medical effects of THC tinctures but are not interested in smoking. THC tinctures work as medically approved and prescribed alternatives for such people. THC tinctures have many health benefits, but not more than tinctures with both THC and CBD properties. THC may be the major psychoactive component of cannabis, but CBD has therapeutic and healing properties. Tinctures with a combination of CBD and THC cannabinoid are more medically effective.

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For physical medical conditions such as chronic pains, THC and CBD tinctures are very effective because of the effect of THC on pain senses, and the effectiveness of CBD against inflammations. Together these cannabinoids are much more effective for treating medical conditions. When the different properties of cannabis are found in a tincture, they create an effect known as the entourage effect. This effect makes it possible for the tincture to work out its best, but does not disannul the effectiveness of individual properties and their usefulness for medical uses.

Marijuana Buds and Cannabis Tincture

One clear difference between these two is the fact that tinctures are ingested while marijuana flowers are inhaled. Other than that, cannabis tinctures are naturally higher in THC than marijuana flowers, which make them more powerful than marijuana. Except in cases where cannabis tinctures are combined with other properties for dilution.

Another notable distinction between these two is that tinctures have no smell, unlike marijuana, which usually leaves a smell. Tinctures are conservative with their lack of odor, and they have no negative effects on your health as is the case with smoking.

Other Cannabis Concentrates and Marijuana Tinctures

Cannabis concentrates are naturally higher in THC than marijuana, but it is not always the case. Different factors are considered, sometimes before determining whether or not a cannabis concentrate is higher in THC than marijuana tinctures. You may not be able to tell, but the good news is for the best, you can buy cannabis tincture at Canna Express.

Edible Weed and THC Tinctures

These two can be very similar when they are both edible and taken by ingestion. Nevertheless, tinctures are usually more beneficial than edible weeds. When you take tinctures, they begin to have effect in minutes while edible cannabis takes a lot more time. also, tinctures do not make or require you to eat a lot of calories when you take them.

How to Make Your Own Cannabis Tinctures

We’re finally here, it’s very easy to make your own cannabis tinctures, all you need to have are your ingredients and the tools necessary for making them, and you’re good to go. You can call it DIY tincture because you’re actually doing it yourself. The first step to making your own cannabis tincture is taking care of the carboxylate—decarboxylation. This first step is very critical to making the perfect tincture. You can learn more about how to decarboxylate your cannabis here.

The next step is grinding the flower, after which you mix it up with ethanol in a glassy vessel, in place of ethanol, food-grade glycerin can be used, but whichever you use, ensure that you buy good alcohol quality to avoid any problems. After this, you cover the jar and shake the mixture energetically for about an hour. After shaking for about an hour, strain it using a strainer, and pour the liquid into a glass dropper, or any dropper or container available to you. once this is done, you have your DIY cannabis tincture. Very important to remember is that what makes a safe tincture is first buying good quality cannabis and ethanol. You can buy good quality cannabis on Canna Express.

How to Use Cannabis Tinctures

There are different ways to use the cannabis tincture, for instance, you can take them orally, by adding them to food or to drink, or by placing underneath the tongue. Tinctures can be put in food to mix or drinks such as coffee, tea, and other liquids. When dropped underneath the tongue using the dropper, the effect begins faster within 10 to 15 minutes; when put in food or drink, or administered orally by dropping tincture into the mouth and swallowing, the effect begins to kick in at the same time, but not as fast as when administered sublingually.

Preserving Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are quite easy to preserve, when preserved properly, they can remain effective for at least a year. The alcohol in the mixture makes this stability possible, but also, in order to preserve it long enough, it must be stored away from light, in an airtight container, and in a cool environment. This would protect it from being contaminated, and from becoming less effective due to the presence of light.

Side Effects of Cannabis Tincture

You will notice dryness in your mouth and eyes, these are common with cannabis, and to that, a remedy would be to properly and sufficiently hydrate yourself. Tinctures, when taken immoderately can lead to dizziness, anxieties, paranoia, and nausea. However, since the toxicity of cannabis is quite low, these side effects hardly require medical care. It’s important to always consult a doctor before using CBD and THC to avoid having them cause side effects when they meet with other medications in your system.


Many outlets and platforms offline and online are quite alluring, but the best cannabis tinctures are not everywhere, and many people get fooled online. That’s why at Canna Express, our aim is to satisfy and meet your needs—a trustworthy and quality-oriented company of well-trained and licensed cannabis growers and harvesters. You can buy cannabis tinctures today at Canna Express, our bet is that you would always come back for more from us.


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