Sativa Cannabis Strain: Review

The system of classification of plants was introduced by Carl Linnaeus a Swedish botanist in the 18th century. With his system of classification, he was able to classify Cannabis.  Cannabis Sativa is one of the 2 main Cannabis species that are heavily in use in today's world. The other is Cannabis Indica. However the origin of Cannabis Sativa is thought to be from East Asia, however, it has been carried for use to other parts of the world. And so it is not uncommon to find them in other regions of the world. Cannabis has always been used for various purposes long before it was classified by Carl Linnaeus. It was consumed as a food source and for spiritual purposes. Cannabis sativa and Cannabis Indica are two prominent species of Cannabis however they are distinct in physical features. For example, the Cannabis Sativa tends to have bigger leaves and brighter leaf color. Also, the aromas and flavor of Sativas are earthy and musky. In terms of chemical composition, Cannabis sativa has a greater proportion of CBD and less THC although some hybrid strains of Sativa may have more THC. This makes them suitable for treating anxiety. Apart from the CBD and THC content, Cannabis sativa is estimated to contain hundreds of active compounds.

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Currently, in our world, Sativas have been grouped into 3 distinct sets by cultivators. The first set is cultivated to generate fibers. They have elongated stems with small branches.

The second set of Sativa is cultivated to generate seed which is then processed into hemp oil. Hemp oil is a raw material for many products

The last set of Sativas that have been classified by cultivators are those cultivated for recreational and health needs. These set of Sativas have a higher proportion of THC and CBD they can elicit Strong psychoactive responses in the body. Just a friendly reminder that You can buy Cannabis Sativa online from Canna Express

Benefits of Sativa Weed

Cannabis sativa has a lot of benefits to the body. If you can buy Cannabis Sativa online from a trusted vendor like Canna Express you are going to enjoy a lot of benefits. Generally, Sativa is thought to offer a variety of benefits. Chief among these benefits is the fact that it lights up our countenance and experience. Furthermore, there has been a claim that Sativa can bring greater levels of happiness and euphoria. Furthermore, some strains of Sativa help to boost the body’s energy needs while still giving some zonked feeling. Although Sativas produce some great effects on the body, the bulk of the effect tends to last in the mind and this is why consumption of Sativa may help to Improve productivity drastically by reducing anxiety and giving a greater sense of focus. Also because of its lasting effect on the mind, Sativas could help to ease tensions in the mind causing a spontaneous flow of communication Especially in the public and thus enhance a sense of social belonging. Furthermore, there has been a report by various users that Sativas can help to enhance the effect of some activities like Yoga. Furthermore, a strong dosage of Sativas can elicit a very hallucinogenic effect. Overall because Sativas have a way of boosting energy, it makes them ideal for daytime use. It is not advisable to take them at night because it could cause trouble getting to sleep.

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Medical effect

Cannabis is generally beneficial to the body. It doesn't matter the species, the strain, or the hybrid variety.  They are often used for the treatment of some medical conditions such as PTSD, Anxiety, and the like. They can also be used to treat some forms of inflammation and general body aches. Also, they can help to promote mental concentration for those who have difficulty concentrating. Also, nausea and loss of appetite can be treated by Cannabis. Some breeds of Sativa can cause the elevation of the body's mood.

Comparison of Sativa and Indica:

People have tried to compare these two species of Cannabis. However, there are some obvious differences between these 2 breeds. The differences are very obvious. These differences extend to their physical properties, chemical properties, and their effects. For example, Sativas are known for highness while Indica causes more of a sedation effect.  In physical properties, Indica tends to grow faster than Sativas and this makes them suitable for different climates. Sativa is more suitable for a warm climate. Their activities in the brain are also quite different. For example, Indica is known to boost dopamine secretions in the brain. Dopamine is the chemical compound that signals pleasure and happiness. This makes Indicas exert physical effects. On the other hand, Sativa triggers the secretion of serotonin in the brain. This compound is responsible for mood and thus Sativa can help with Anxiety treatment, also it has antidepressant effect.

Despite obvious differences between Sativa and Indica, many still find it confusing to choose between the two species. But things just got better recently with the introduction of hybrid breeds. Hybrid breeds help to offer the quality of the two breeds in one piece. The hybrid breed is a mixture of Sativa and Indica in different proportions. This was done to give Cannabis lovers the feeling of the two breeds in one piece. However because they are in different proportions, they can tilt more towards either Sativa or Indica depending on which is dominant. But there are still some balanced breeds. This was put in place because of the varied choices of humans. Some like a Sativa dominant breed while some love a balanced breed. But all is left to the individual to decide. One positive effect of the hybrid breed is that it could potentially help to reduce the negative effect of Cannabis use.

Cultivation Sativa Marijuana Plants?

Earlier on we pointed out that Sativas don't grow faster compared to Indicas. But you should also know that the cultivation of Sativas is a bit hard, including the Sativa dominant Hybrid.  And so before starting, the cultivator needs to carry out a lot of research. First, the cultivator has to ensure that the Sativa breed can grow in his environment. The environment has to be conducive. There must be basic cultivation tools like nutrients and equipment needed for successful growth. It might not be easy but it achieved. Please not it is not compulsory you cultivate it yourself. You can buy Cannabis Sativa online from Canna Express

Consumption of Sativa Weed

When you buy Cannabis Sativa online from Canna Express you can decide to smoke them. Most of the smoking is done at the joint. Many use pipes and other tools to smoke. People who don't like to smoke can take Cannabis edibles. Cannabis edibles are excellent choices with a lot of benefits. But it is more advisable for experienced users to take them because edibles contain a higher proportion of undiluted THC ( Containing more than 90%)  making them more powerful than unrefined flowers. Because they contain more than 90% THC it makes them higher than normal Sativa which has about 30%.  Overall the way or method of Consumption has a way of affecting the effect and how long it lasts.

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Sativa weed storage

Before you buy Cannabis Sativa online or from a trusted vendor like Canna Express you should consider it storage otherwise you waste it. The most effective and safest way to store weeds is to keep them in sealed bags or jars. This would prevent air from penetrating it. The storage of this weed product should be kept out of sight, especially from children or people who want to steal from it. It is important to know that temperature and humidity can affect the storage too. So this should be put into consideration. Because it can get them contaminated with bacteria or mold.

For the storage of different strains, ensure they are not stored in the same place or near each other so they don't affect each other's aroma. Effective storage would ensure that the potency and aroma are preserved.

Side Effects:

The good news is that Sativas and other breeds of Cannabis are relatively safe. They are not harmful especially when taken responsibly.  But some side effects may surface but they are not serious effects.  Consumption of Cannabis could lead to the drying of the mouth and eyes but all that is required is to take more water.  The most effective and safest way to consume them is to consume them responsibly. Take them at the right time and right dose. Avoid overuse, as a newbie start slowly, don't rush. Other side effects as reported are dizziness, paranoia, and sometimes Nausea but the good thing is these effects go away in no time. However, Anxiety and paranoia have been reported on prolonged heavy consumption of Cannabis particularly. Buy the use of Indica dominant Hybrid can prevent this.

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Sativa is a major specie of Cannabis, it has several benefits. The Sativa dominant Hybrid breed offers an improved effect that is  unrivaled. Generally Sativa is not harmful and you can always take them with little or no side effects.

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