Cannabis Indica: Review

What is Indica Strain?

History has it that Cannabis sativa originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Its first discovery is dated back to the late 18th century. At a time, some famous Indica strains were transported from Afghanistan and Pakistan countries into Europe and the United States causing these strains to gain a lot of popularity. Cannabis indica plants compared to their Sativa counterpart is known for their shorter, wider, and bushier leaves. Its fuller, denser, and darker in color buds with berry-like and fruity aromas and flavors can’t be unnoticed. Compared to Sativas whose CBD is quite higher than its THC, Indica's THC level spans higher than its CBD. This explains the reason behind Indica's more potent psychoactive effects. Presently, Northern Lights, Bubba Kush and Sherbet Queen are regarded as the most famous Indica strains on the market.

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Positive Effects of Indica strain

Before any of these effects will be discussed, it is of paramount importance that you know that people react to cannabis strains differently. Your cannabis experience is dependent on a few individual factors like weight, age and previous reactions to cannabis. As a new or inexperienced cannabis consumer, it is advisable to be careful with the doses. Start with little amounts and doses, then carefully work your way up.  Even though different Indica strains give varying after effects, generally, Indica works mainly in the body and gives it extreme relaxation. The only reason for this is the fact that consuming Indica causes your brain to produce more dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that controls movement, pleasure and the reward part of your brain. Indica's influence on dopamine causes it to have so much effect on the body’s physical state thereby relaxing muscles, increasing appetite, reducing pain and giving elated feelings. Also, because of its popular drowsiness effect, Indicas are best used at night time. To enjoy the positive effect, buy Cannabis Indica online at Canna Express

Medical usefulness of Indica strain

Marijuana patients have found Indica useful in treating nausea, stress, and pain, thanks to its narcotic effects. Its effectiveness in treating appetite loss and insomnia can’t be brushed aside. It has also been proven via research that illnesses like multiple sclerosis and lupus can be treated effectively with Indica strains. Enjoy these medical benefits of Cannabis Indica when you buy Cannabis Indica online from a dispensary like  Canna Expresss

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Types of Indica Weed:

Indica weed has a lot of strains but it is rare to have a pure Indica strain. This is because most strains contain a small portion of Sativa genetics as a result of cross-breeding. Many times a strain has had to bear different names because the number of strains in the industry is so enormous that growers cant tell some of them apart. So they end up giving different names to the same strain. 

Indica versus Sativa:

The difference between Indica and Sativa is a popularly asked question. Compared to the wide-leafed Indica, Sativa plants are known to grow taller but they take a longer time to grow into maturity. The CBD level in Sativa is also lesser. Their mental elevating nature causes an improvement in consumers' energy, happiness and general mood, this makes them good for daytime consumption. This is because, unlike Indica which works with dopamine, Sativa strains work with serotonin instead. Serotonin is the chemical released from the brain for focus, effectiveness and mood balance. Alongside Indica's bushier and shorter leaf with denser bud plant characteristics, its aroma is also stronger and more stifling. In addition, hybrid weed is also as popular and is available in hundreds of strains. A hybrid strain is gotten by combining an Indica and a Sativa by cross-breeding them. This mixture gives a hybrid plant that combines both Indica and Sativa properties and effects. Take note that these properties and effects are determined dependingon the dominant plant used. This means you can have a Sativa-dominated Hybrids, an Indica-dominated Hybrid or an evenly balanced hybrid. An Indica-dominated hybrid is expected to have a domineering physical effect over Sativa. Its psychotropic or narcotic abilities might just not be as strong as in its pure form.

Steps to grow Indica Marijuana Plants

Judging by the explosive growth in the cannabis industry, a lot of people have taken interest in growing their own marijuana making it a common practice. Although many indivduals would prefer to buy Cannabis Indica online from a platform like Canna Express. Nevertheless many want to cultivate their own too which is possible. If you want to, you can grow yours too. The process of growing marijuana is not complexnor is it expensive. It is easy to decide how much money you want to invest. Nevertheless, the growing conditions Indicas needs to be subjected to are quite different from that of Sativas and some peculiar hybrid strains. This is a result of the difference in the region and climates they originate from. Fortunately, if you take some time to do research, growing Indicas of high-quality right in the comfort of your home will be an easy peasy. The fact that first-time growers prefer to grow Indica-dominated hybrids instead of pure Indicas is quite understandable, Indicas, compared to Sativas or hybrids are more difficult to grow. The possibility of Indica hybrids being affected by diseases, pests, and rot is very low which means that a booming yield is guaranteed. However, the importance of using the correct growing, drying and curing techniques as well as proper nutrients and lights can not be overemphasized. These are very important to note.

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How to take Indica Weed?

When you buy Cannabis Indica online from Canna Express there many ways to take them The commonly used weed intake method is smoking, this after being rolled into a joint. Other smoking instruments include pipes, vaporizers, bongs and dab rigs. Some other people prefer to take their weed in edibles and concentrates form turning the weed into another THC cannabis product. Concentrates and edibles contain four times the THC present in unrefined flowers making their potency extremely stronger. To avoid undesirable after effects, it is advisable to be sure of your Indica strain's potency level.

The proper way to store Indica Weed?

Before you buy Cannabis Indica online from Canna Express, you should consider the storage. To maintain your cannabis effects, flavors and aromas, it is of great importance that you store it rightly. This means you have to make sure your cannabis is in an airtight container and stored in a dark, cool and a little ventilated room. This will ensure the extension of its shelf life to a period of six months to a year, after which the THC potency declines gradually.  Note that different strains shouldn’t be stored together, this will mix up their unique aromas and flavours. To avoid this make sure you store them separately. Also, make sure it’s stored out of reach of pets and children.

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Side Effects of Indica strain consumption

Although cannabis has been proven as a harmless drug, certain individuals might still experience some undesirable side effects. The most commonly considered short-term side effects that are experienced generally by all consumers of cannabis in is the dry mouth and red eyes. You might also find it hard to retain short-term memories. The narcotic strength coupled with the extreme body relaxing effects an Indica possesses sometimes leads to laziness, dizziness, excess sleepiness, nausea, and/or paranoia. Long-term use of cannabis also has its side effects. This includes respiratory issues with chronic cough as the most common experience. Note that this is only the case for individuals who tend to inhale marijuana smoke too often. For individuals who decide to abruptly stop cannabis consumption, withdrawal symptoms like headaches, loss of appetite, insomnia and/or mood swings can be experienced. The best thing to do to reduce the possibility of experiencing all these undesirable side effects is to consume cannabis correctly and with caution. 


Indica is a common Cannabis breed with a lot of medical benefits. You can choose to take them however you want. But take them responsibly to avoid the side effect which are of course mild. You can also decide to cultivate them or buy Cannabis Indica online from Canna Express

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