The Positive Effects of Shatter:

It is a fact that your high depends a great deal on the weed used, just as with the regular Marijuana. The high/effect you will get from an indica dominant Cannabis strain will not be the same as a Sativa heavy strain.

Shatter has a very high concentration and has been noted to be 5 times more potent than the buds they come from. This tells you just how concentrated it is.

Why is the Presence of such a highly Potent Cannabis option available in the market? You may ask. It is essential for people with great amount of tolerance against other Cannabis options and a more severe degree of pains and aches.

The strongest positive effects these tend to bear is the overall feeling of calm and Euphoria they string along. Everyone who has had to consume them at some point always had similar testimonies of relaxation and bliss, a feeling of restfulness and safety from damaging and worrisome thoughts. You can buy shatter online in Canada from the comfort of your home through various websites.

What are the Medical Benefits of Shatter?

The medical benefits of shatter vary according to the quantity of concentrate consumed per time. Shatter is a long-lasting and very potent cannabis concentrate. When taken in low quantities, Shatter can generally help to improve appetite, lighten up one's mood, minimize tension and anxiety.

Shatter has equally been associated with increased appetite levels amongst users, impacted motor skills and a sense of relaxation. In large concentrates, Shatter can be used to treat symptoms of Medical marijuana patients which include Chronic pains and aches. With the strong doses of THC contained by Shatter concentrates, the product has become best suited for severe pain reliefs; especially also because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Conclusively, it can be said that the medical benefits of Shatter is relative to what the individual requires at the time.

Comparison between Shatter and Marijuana Flowers:

The flower from which Shatter is made is broken down and destroyed, leaving residual oils, terpenes and cannabinoids. Shatter can therefore be referred to extensively as a concentrated form of bud.

The oil is set, dried, and treated to give rise to the Shatter in it's glass-like form. To clearly draw an analogy to illustrate the potency of Shatter, we'll compare it's concentration of THC to flower. The flower usually tests up to 15-25% THC, while Shatter tests all the way up to 90%.

Flower allows for flexibility though; it can be manipulated in many different ways including grinding up. It allows for ease of use. Shatter on the other hand is very delicate and has the tendency to break with the slightest touch.

Summarily, Shatter concentrate is made for the toughest minds; considering the trickiness in it's handling and it's potency.

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Shatter and Cannabis Concentrates:

Shatter belongs to the weed wax family of concentrates. It has been noted to be the most powerful sources of THC.

it's rare and unique composition has created room for scarcity. It is not easy to find in the market, in comparison to the rest. That is not all; it's delicate components make it quite difficult to handle or work around.

Budder or wax are much easier to use, given its viscosity and malleability. Notwithstanding, Shatter stands tall as one of the highest ranked Cannabis concentrate as it's unique properties and unrefined structure make up for it's cons.

It is usually advisable to start off with other forms of cannabis concentrates before going for Shatter concentrates. Other benefits of other forms of concentrates over the shatter concentrates is it's inaccessibility in certain geographical locations and it's extreme extraction/purification processes. As a solution to it's inaccessibility, it is now possible for you to buy Shatter online in Canada, stress-free.

Shatter and Edible Weeds:

The effect the Cannabis edibles have on individuals is quite different from that of other marijuana products. To fully feel it's effects, the cannabinoids are ingested, inhaled, or taken into the body or blood stream. Then metabolism is carried out by the liver. This ingestion of THC causes a different kind of body reaction and the consequence of a longer, heavier high.

The rate of metabolism of Shatter by the liver is dependent on a variety of factors; presence of other medications inclusive. Because the liver slows down the absorption of this cannabis concentrate, it is most likely that metabolism when taken in through oral routes is much slower than other routes such as sublingual or inhalation. This is because through these routes, the liver is bypassed.

Inhalation allows for quicker manifestation of effects of the concentrate. However, the effects wane faster than with edibles. This is because inhalation effects are more cerebral than wholesome. Some brands make their edibles using concentrates thereby allowing for an increased high with the combination of THC absorption from shatter and the extensive effects of Cannabis digestion.

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How Shatter is made (Production Process):

Shatter can be made from any cannabis material from the flower to trim, and what have you. The production process of shatter is dependent on the company or brand. Companies depend on solvents such as ethanol, CO2 and butane to completely breakdown or destroy the plant leaving only residual oils and isolating the THC and other cannabinoids components.

After making sure that the concentrate is rid of all solvents, Shatter is passed through an extremely rigorous process to achieve it's transparent disposition. The shatter is left untouched while drying, unlike other concentrates. The fact that it is left untouched gives rise to it's glass-like appearance after it has dried.

The production process of shatter is best left to professionals. This is because the process can be dangerous when the right equipment is not used and sufficient lab space isn't made available. This is equally not a process advised to be carried out at home where there is the absence of advanced technologies and sufficient workspace. This is why provision is made for you to buy Shatter online in Canada at CannaExpress.

Consumption of Shatter:

Before you buy Shatter online in Canada, it is expedient that you know how it is being consumed, especially if it's your first time using it. Here are some common ways Shatter can be taken;

Dabbing: The process of dabbing is a common and easy way to get the concentrate into your body through inhalation. Here are the tools required; a Dab rig, a Carb cap, a mini blow torch, a Dab tool, and some quantity of shatter.

Here's how it's done; with the mini blow torch, heat up the nail on the Dab rig or any other place you wish to collect the shatter onto. Don't stop heating until it's red hot. Using your dab tool, get some quantity of shatter and place it on the nail as soon as it's no more bright red.

Gently inhale through the mouthpiece whilst you do this. Once the Shatter has completely vaporized off the tool, place the Carb cap on top of it, inhale a little bit more, then exhale. That's all it takes.


This is another great way to enjoy your shatter. It makes use of a dry herb vaporiser or Vape pen that can accumulate sufficient heat. The shatter concentrate can also be heated thoroughly and added to a Vape Cartridge.

This method is highly recommended for persons who are inexperienced with the Shatter. This is because it is a much easier option, very discreet too.

Bong or Pipe Method:

In this method, the shatter is first heated up to a high temperature before it is added to the bong or pipe. The heating process dissociates the shatter into smaller particles which is sprinkled on the bowl and added to the bong or pipe. This is a difficult method of taking shatter as it is quite difficult to heat shatter up to the appropriate temperature.

The heating is done with a torch lighter. The shatter concentrates should also be mixed up with the bud and not just allowed to settle on the surface.

Adding Shatter into a joint:

To help Shatter burn more nicely, most times people tend to miss it with other concentrates such as Marijuana or tobacco. You must ensure that the shatter is thoroughly mixed before adding it to a joint.

The joint containing the Shatter mixture must be taken slowly and with utmost care- this is to guarantee a uniform consummation.

Storage of Shatter:

Here's what you should know about how to properly store shatter; at all times, when not in use, make sure it is in an airtight container and kept in a cool and dark place. This is because any harsh weather conditions can affect it's potency and deplete it's terpenes and Cannabinoids composition. Harsh weather conditions like; excess light and air.

The most appropriate storage medium for Shatter are opaque silicone containers, this keeps as much air and light away from the concentrate as possible.

More importantly, ensure that you probably label your shatter and keep it out of reach. You do not want it getting in the wrong hands, especially given that not everyone can handle it's high potency.

Side Effects of Shatter:

Shatter can come with bizarre consequences for new comers even in small quantities, this is because if it's high THC composition. As such, it is strictly advised for only experienced cannabis' product users. The very basic side-effects can include the following; Nausea, Paranoia, anxiety and dizzy spells.

Dryness of the mouth and eyes alongside impairments may occur as well. When some of these side effects are observed, following simple daily routines like having a meal, drinking some water or even cleaning can help wear out the effects with time.


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